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August 23, 2023

We are Insurance Enablers

At ennabl, we pride ourselves on being a company focused exclusively on providing solutions to the insurance brokerage industry.  Our team’s extensive backgrounds reflect this fact - we’ve spent our careers working for insurance brokers both large and small, solving complex data challenges up and down the insurance vertical, and working at leading Insurtech companies. Our team developed three insurance technology patents, managed global insurance systems, and built platforms that manage billions of dollars of risk placements at the world’s leading brokerages. 

The platform that our team has built for the past 3 years is an extremely flexible platform dedicated to solving insurance brokers’ critical problems:  We can extract data from virtually any AMS or CRM system, and quite a few custom-developed systems as well.  We also extract data from other sources, including structured PDFs and reports, and we combine brokers’ data with the most up-to-date and accurate information from the world’s leading sources–all in the service of providing brokers insight into their business and growing their books.  These are not cookie-cutter, incremental solutions - Ennabl represents a totally different approach to managing broker data. 

We understand that our customers face a rapidly changing landscape.  Providing guidance on risk has never been more challenging, with rapidly changing carrier appetites, the emergence of new types of risk, and the rise of technology in all aspects of the underwriting process.  These changes are disrupting the current business and forcing brokers to discard practices that they have perfected over decades. We understand firsthand how difficult it is to implement changes in the business process, but our platform removes a lot of the “heavy lifting” out of the transformation into becoming a data-centric risk advisor. 

Ennabl’s approach to technology gives our agency customers an edge in succeeding in these turbulent times.  Until recently, the “data revolution” that upended so many industries had largely passed by the Insurance brokerage space.  Now, every insurance broker and agent needs to figure out how they can use their data to better serve customers and gain an edge in a rapidly changing industry.  Our team understands this monumental shift because we have been a part of it.  

We are inventors at heart, not disruptors, navigators, and not road mappers, and, in the end, enablers of your progress.

Thrilled to share our outstanding Net Promoter Score, with over 100 surveys completed by our valued clients in the past 6 months, their feedback speaks volumes. Thank you for your trust and support!