One platform for data and decisions

Ennabl assembles data across your diverse systems and enriches your data to provide insights into your customers, prospects and carriers.

How does it work?

Extracted, unified, corrected & enriched data


Data across your multiple systems (AMS, CRM, etc.) is unified into a single, usable dashboard


Data is corrected for inconsistencies and errors


Data is enriched from external sources


Available to you anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Effortless Data Management

Synchronized data

Across internal and external sources

Effortless Data Management

Corrected & Augmented data

Enriched from internal and external sources

Effortless Data Management

One place for all your data

Effortless Data Management

Accessible anytime

Via any business intelligence tool

Effortless KPI’s & Insights

Producer Portal

Search & acquire data on any individual or company

Effortless KPI’s & Insights

Account Management

Enriched from internal and external sources

Effortless KPI’s & Insights

Carrier & Commission Management

Effortless KPI’s & Insights

Accessible via any platform

Phone, Tablet and Laptops

We process


We process

Trusted by an ever-growing number of leading brokers, agents and national organizations
"After using your platform for a couple of months now, I can definitively say that it is incredible. It’s life-changing in the amount of data it provides and more importantly the ease of which I can get at that data. I’m in it all day every day, it seems. The time savings alone are huge"

Kevin Hawkinson

Director of Carrier Relations, Commercial Insurance Associates

"The Ennabl platform is my go-to reporting tool, allowing me to gain valuable insight into our book across all teams"

Leticia Trevino

Chief Compliance Officer, Heffernan Insurance Brokers

"Ennabl has been a valuable resource to us in several ways! First and most importantly, it is allowing us to see our data in ways we were never able to before, which has given us the power to make data driven decisions"

Krystle Hogan


"The ennabl cross-sell tool has drastically increased our ability to identify opportunities within our existing book of business"

Reagan Francis


use cases

Streamline Operations & Teams
Our platform offers Producer and Account Manager KPIs that identify areas of improvement, enabling you to develop strategies to maximize success.
Clean, Accurate, & Unified Data
Our platform integrates data across CRM, email and AMS. Enriches your data to provide the most current and  comprehensive view of your business.
Enrich & Enhance your Data
We identify and fill information gaps with data from external sources. Accurate and comprehensive information without manual intervention.
Discover New Leads
Search any business, individual or location within the United States, and add them to your prospect list with one click.
Enhance your Carrier Strategy
Our platform empowers you with comprehensive KPI’s, insights and premium path metrics that help you understand carrier performance and align your business objectives for mutually beneficial outcomes.
Data Accuracy & Audits
Our platform proactively alerts your users of any missing or wrong information, enabling prompt and comprehensive completion of all necessary fields, and minimizing the risk of errors or omissions.
Acquisition Diligence & Integration
Our platform provides a consolidated dashboard, simplifying the process of mergers and acquisitions. By seamlessly integrating multiple Agency Management Systems into a single system, ennabl streamlines the transition process.
KPI’s & Metrics
Effectively monitor your company's Key Performance Indicators. Our intuitive interface enables you to quickly identify both underperforming and top-performing areas across industries, products, and carriers, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that drive growth.

Data Accuracy & Audits

Looking to optimize workflows, enhance customer satisfaction or increase revenue. Producer and Account Manager KPI’s can identify areas of improvement, and help develop strategies to maximize performance.

Clean, Accurate, & Unified Data

Integrate data across all parts of your organization. Identify areas of inefficiency, redundancies, or opportunities for improvement that might not be apparent when analyzing each business component separately

Enrich& Enhance your Data

We enrich your data to add missing information, fill gaps, and append from external sources, so you can gain deeper insights into your business and customers.

Discover new leads

Find opportunities within your existing client base or find new prospects in similar industries. Search any business, individual and location is the U.S. Add to your prospect list with one click.

Enhance your carrier strategy

Quickly identify opportunities for carrier consolidation so you can optimize your book of business and gain better commissions by placing coverage directly with providers.

Data Accuracy & Audits

It’s important to ensure that all critical fields are filled out completely in order to prevent any errors or omissions. We’ll notify you and your users of any missing and critical policy/customer fields.

Acquisition Diligence/Integration

One single source of truth

KPI’s & Metrics

Managing your business on a set of KPI’s. We can help identify laggards and top performers by process, industry, product, carrier and others with a point and click.

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