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If you like

To create software to solve engineering, design and process challenges

To be an employee-owner

Fully remote work or come sometimes to our greenwich, CT office

To work with world class engineering talent

There are many reasons to join us, but here are just a few
At ennabl, we insist on the highest standards. We only use modern programming languages and libraries (no legacy code!) and we have a ton of interesting engineering, design and process challenges to solve!
Every employee is an owner and is offered company equity;
Fully remote work - want to work from a cottage by the sea? Go for it!
All employees receive best-in-class equipment (latest MacBook Pro, Apple keyboard/mouse/trackpad, etc.) - we ensure that our engineers are not hindered by outdated hardware;
“No Meetings Wednesday” - All employees are guaranteed at least one day with no distractions from formal meetings - your time to get your work done without interruption!
Thrilled to share our outstanding Net Promoter Score, with over 100 surveys completed by our valued clients in the past 6 months, their feedback speaks volumes. Thank you for your trust and support!