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The only AI tool solution for revenue analysis, upsell opportunities, and new business prospects

  • Identify your top carriers and rank the leading industries by revenue
  • Calculate the total premium volume with wholesalers and assess the business with any carrier
  • Determine the number of high-revenue policies and report the revenue for all lines of business
  • List accounts up for renewal soon and calculate both new revenue and new business for any period of time


Transform complex insights into clear, actionable knowledge with the power of a prompt
How much new revenue did we book last quarter?
How much of our business with Liberty Mutual is inland marine?
What are my top 10 industries by revenue?
What accounts are coming up for renewal next week?
What is the revenue for personal lines?
What is the total premium volume with RT Specialty for the last 12 months?
How many policies do we write over $100,000 in revenue?
Who are our top property carriers?

And so much more...

Unlock endless possibilities with ennablAI, catering to all of your diverse needs

Data Accuracy & Audits

Looking to optimize workflows, enhance customer satisfaction or increase revenue. Producer and Account Manager KPI’s can identify areas of improvement, and help develop strategies to maximize performance.

Clean, Accurate, & Unified Data

Integrate data across all parts of your organization. Identify areas of inefficiency, redundancies, or opportunities for improvement that might not be apparent when analyzing each business component separately

Enrich& Enhance your Data

We enrich your data to add missing information, fill gaps, and append from external sources, so you can gain deeper insights into your business and customers.

Discover new leads

Find opportunities within your existing client base or find new prospects in similar industries. Search any business, individual and location is the U.S. Add to your prospect list with one click.

Enhance your carrier strategy

Quickly identify opportunities for carrier consolidation so you can optimize your book of business and gain better commissions by placing coverage directly with providers.

Data Accuracy & Audits

It’s important to ensure that all critical fields are filled out completely in order to prevent any errors or omissions. We’ll notify you and your users of any missing and critical policy/customer fields.

Acquisition Diligence/Integration

One single source of truth

KPI’s & Metrics

Managing your business on a set of KPI’s. We can help identify laggards and top performers by process, industry, product, carrier and others with a point and click.

We process

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