A conversational search engine that delivers the insights, documents, conversation threads and recommendations to grow and manage your business.

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Get the right answers to your questions, every time.

ennablDecisions is a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) tool that helps users find the right questions and surfaces the information by role and function. ennablDecisions delivers data visualizations, documents, communication threads, client profiles and more with the click of a button.

Frequently looking for answers to the same question? ennablDecisions learns your most commonly queried topics and pins them right to your start page.

How it works

  1. Type your question exactly as you’d like it answered in the search field “How much revenue did I produce in Ohio in 2019” “Who are my Top 10 Producers”?
  2. Predictive and smart technology guides you to the right question and will surface content exactly when and where you need it.
  3. ennablDecisions assembles documents, email, chat conversations, AMS data from ennablData, and other API-connected system to deliver world-class visualizations and insights.
  4. Repeat interactions curate a customized Home Screen without the complicated navigational screens of traditional data visualization tools.
  5. Easily share visuals, lists, and reports uniquely designed for you and your company.

A feature-rich insights platform

Predictive technology that surfaces frequently asked questions

Personalize your home screen with your favorites

Get alerts on metrics you follow

Accessible on mobile, desktop or as a plugin to outlook

Share insights via ennabl, email or text

Automated distribution cadence - Create a recurring schedule for customized reports for standing meetings.

Explore questions others in similar roles, functions and situations have asked to find out what you're not asking - but should be!

Seamless Integrations


Features ennabl Tableau PowerBI Domo
No Technical Setup or Implementation required
Zero Maintenance required by Brokers & Agents
Built for Insurance Brokers & Agents
Industry-Specifc Data Solutions team to help
Conversation-based search
No need to standardize or map data
Updated daily without technical help
Built to Answer broker-specifc questions
Instant Access to insights
Flexible Pricing

Built for insurance.
Designed for you.

Grow your business in market segments that are also growing, and plan your staffing accordingly

Quickly identify your top performers to give them the support that they need

Have comfort in the knowledge that you know how much business you’re doing, as a whole and with your preferred placement partners

Find policy information that wasn’t entered into the AMS so you don’t need to hound your clients

Plan your acquisition pipeline in geographies and business segments that complement your portfolio

Quickly prepare reports, RFPs, binders, carrier overviews for important meetings and milestone