A secure cloud to store and structure data across systems and enrich it with insurance industry intelligence.

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Your data is delivering value to everyone. Except you.

AMS, CRM, Carriers and Analytics providers have clear access to your data - in pieces. Brokers spend 80% of their time collecting, entering, correcting and collating from various partners. And they still don’t have the complete picture.

ennablData is an industry cloud that unifies your scattered data, structures it to industry standards, enriches it with external data, and manages the storage solution for you. ennablData is accessible natively or with the BI tool of your choice.

How it works

  1. Ennabl extracts data from your systems nightly.
  2. AWS environment provides a secure, full-service data storage solution
  3. Purpose built algorithms and advanced machine learning are leveraged to structure and normalize your data to industry standards
  4. Data is enriched real-time with industry, COPE, behavioral and demographic elements
  5. ennablCommand, the administration console within ennablData, easily allows revisions and customized mappings.

A fully-featured data platform

Normalized, structured unified data

Secure with built-in redundancy

Role-based access, natively or via any BI tool

Enriched & enhanced with external data

Flexible pricing to fit your needs

Seamless Integrations


Features ennabl Amazon Azure Snowflake
Instant Extraction from AMS and other systems
Data Enrichment for insurance products and clients Extra Cost
Built for Insurance Brokers & Agents
Zero Maintenance required by Brokers & Agents
Data Normalization for insurance Brokers
Native data management and governance
Industry Standard Data Scheme
Easy Implementation
Built for Non technical users
Simplified & Flexible cost

Built for insurance.
Designed for you.

Growing Your Business

Generate more appropriate business opportunities, get product recommendations tailored to your prospect, and bind and close your deals faster.

Multiple Systems or Technologies

Whether you have one AMS or many, you still have data in a CRM, your email, analytics solutions, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc. Ennabl brings it all together in one place.


If you are acquiring companies or refinancing your business or getting ready to sell, you will need data to evaluate or be evaluated. We help you structure and get ready for your next phase of growth!

Expertise & Talent

Technology talent is expensive, hard to find and difficult to keep in-house. Ennabl eliminates the headaches of finding talent for data architecture and analysis.